Care, detail and tradition are at the heart of our food: from the farm and fields of the Rovira brothers in the Berguedà region and Maldonado’s in Las Dehesas de Extremadura, from the Balearic Islands, León, La Rioja, Lombardy and Bigorre in southwest France, to the table at PORK, after passing through the expert hands of Oriol Rovira and Iñaki Lopez de Viñaspre.
The pork is the only protagonist, in all of its culinary variants: fresh, salted, cured, dried, encased, pressed, spiced, roasted or barbequed. These latter cooked with oak charcoal or in the "I-rational" wood oven, built specially with clay following a millenary Neapolitan tradition.

At the table guests can enjoy one or several items from the “rebost” (larder) combined with some of our bread baked in the “I-rational” oven.
We use this same oven to cook various cuts of pork marinated and roasted to perfection, so guests can enjoy all of the sensory qualities of the meat.
Alongside these meat dishes, we also offer fittings that perfectly complement their flavor Steeped in tradition, the ” trinxat”, the escalivada”,  the quince aioli and the “ganxet” beans, clearly expressing what we are all about.

And to top it all off, desserts, which we create by playing with the wood oven and put the finishing touches on a meal of meat from this animal, with one even featuring pork: coca made with our own crackling.